Film & Television

Pickup        Man #4 (principle)    Toyota TV commercial 2017
Death Note                        Dr. Ross Ludlam     Feature Film, Adam Wingard (Dir) 2016
Dressing Down                President Jon            Ilona Rossman-Ho Film
Tennis Lesson                Pool Guy            TV  Comm'l - Canon Camera
Hittin' It                Skipper                Lion's Gate Film
Cigarette Boat                Rich Guy            TV Comm'l - Lincoln
Hoffa                    Conventioneer            Danny DeVito Film
Olde Discount Brokers            Fire Chief            TV Comm'l – Mort Crim Production
New Deal                Video Guy            TV Comm'l – Northwest Airlines
Survival                14th Century Peasant        TV Comm'l – Brogan Cabot
Renaissance Man            Baseball Fan            Penny Marshall Film
Aspen Extreme                Ski Bum            Disney Feature Film
My Love, Your Honor            Photographer            Mike Illitch Film
Black Stallion Returns            Carpenter            Zoetrope Films
Stanley Cup                Hockey Fan            TV Comm'l, FedEx
Theatre & Radio
Jesus Christ, Superstar            Peter (King Herod)        Midwest USA Tour
Your Own Thing            Danny                USO Tour of Europe
Song of Singapore            Freddy, Musical Director           Attic Theatre
The Psyclists                Various Characters        European Touring Cabaret
ITC Theatre                Various Characters        Italian Cabaret, Rome
Moonshoes                Musical Director, Composer    Abrams Planetarium, San Francisco
Stairdust                Musical Director, Composer      Coit Tower, San Francisco
Red Rain                Musical Director        Performing Garage, NYC
Voodoo Automatic            Musical Director        Magic Theatre, San Francisco
Ubu, Inc                Various Characters, Writer         KPOO Radio, San Francisco
Eat Flies Radio Program        Various Characters, Writer    KPOO Radio, San Fracisco
Industrial Film
Board Meeting                Member of the Board        Chrysler Corporation
At Work                Drug Addict            Chrysler Corporation
All's Fair                Brakeman            Platinum Productions
In The Shop                Customer            General Motors
Hat Trick                Customer            Ford Motor Corporation
MA Performing Arts, San Francisco State University
BA Theatre, San Francisco State University
Special Skills
Professional Musician (Piano, Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Guitar)
Scuba (Expert, Certified), Motorcycle License w/motorcycle, Kayak, Skiing, Bicycle
            6ft    200lbs    Grey/Red Hair    Blue Eyes    Suit 44L    Shirt 17/32   Pants 36/32   Shoes 11d
Dual Citizen (USA – Canada

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  Timothy Lambert 
Piano, Saxophone
US Cell (202)250-0746                 Canada Cell (778)240-9143